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Summer Programs at PlaySteps
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Group Descriptions

Social Skills, Sensory and Emotional Regulation 

"Ready, Set, Regulate!"
(children attending preschool - kindergarten this fall or 
children attending 1st - 3rd grade this fall)

These groups (3-5 children) will facilitate development in the areas of sensory processing, gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination, self-help skills and communication skills. The groups will concurrently facilitate social development, targeting skills such as getting along with others, learning acceptable ways of expressing strong feelings, extending attention levels, and building a strong self-image through successful experiences. Fee: $680 per child, per week (includes $15 materials fee). We recommend this camp in tandem with “Cool as a Cucumber” that runs the hour preceding it the week of June 19-23.

“Ready, Set, Regulate!” camps are Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm.

June 12-16  (Pre-K)
June 19-23  (grades 1-3)

​“Cool as a Cucumber” Summer Yoga Camp
(Preschool - Kindergarten, or 1st to 3rd grade)

A group of 3-5 children will be lead through a series of researched yoga poses (a sequence) that will facilitate a calm, centered and alert state that is ideal for new learning! Each class will begin with a 20-minute yoga sequence followed by sensory motor learning experiences. Yoga is perfect for kids because it promotes flexibility, fun, and focus. Your Happy Campers should wear comfortable, loose clothing. Yoga mats will be provided. At the conclusion of the camp, a DVD of the “Get Ready to Learn “ yoga curriculum will be available for purchase for $20. Fee: $340 (includes $5 materials fee). We recommend this camp in tandem with "Ready, Set, Regulate!" that immediately follows.

“Cool as a Cucumber” camps are Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 10:00am.

June 19-23  


"Fearless Fingers!"
(children attending Kindergarten to 3rd grade this fall)

These groups (3-4 children) support development of hand skills, pencil grasp, letter formation and legible handwriting. The emphasis of the groups is to sustain skills learned during the school year and to prepare children to expand their handwriting proficiency as they move forward to the next grade level this fall. 

The “Fearless Fingers!” group is designed for children who are familiar with both upper and lower case letter formations and need extra practice with the mechanics of handwriting and legible printing. Each class will begin with multi-sensory activities to increase body awareness, develop postural control and prepare the child to engage in tabletop tasks. Activities will follow that are designed to promote progress in developmental hand skills, functional grasp and positioning. The group will provide a review of correct sequencing of strokes for forming numbers and upper/lower case letters, as well as alignment to the writing line, size and spacing. Families will be given suggestions for supplemental home activities to assist in skill development and maintenance. Fee: $680 per child, per week (includes $15 materials fee).

“Fearless Fingers!” camps are Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm.

July 24-28
July 31 - August 4

Please note: The registration deadline for each class will be two weeks before its start date. 

Intensive One-on-One Sessions
In addition, our Occupational Therapists have additional times available this summer for one-on-one therapy sessions and can see children whose schedules precluded participation in OT during the school year. After assessment, these sessions can be scheduled on a weekly or even two or three times a week basis to address fine and gross motor skills, handwriting and sensory processing. For those children entering third grade, we can get a head-start on learning cursive handwriting. If you’re interested in one-on-one therapy sessions for your child, please contact Stacie at office@play-steps.com
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