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Children who are referred to the clinic participate in an individually planned evaluation process to determine therapy needs. Following a 
parent conference, a specific treatment plan is established. Most therapy is provided on an individual basis, although at times small groups are available. We provide therapy at our well-equipped clinic in Menlo Park, expanding to on-site services at schools and preschool programs when needed.

Depending on the needs of the child, our services may include:

  • Full evaluations (with written report and parent conference)
  • Screenings (with telephone conference)
  • Parent/teacher consultations
  • Ongoing therapy sessions
  • Home program development
  • Collaboration with parents and other professionals working         with the child
  • Observations at school, home, or in the community
  • Presentations to parent and community groups

If you are interested in learning more about our services, 
please Contact Us.

Preschool In-service
​If you are a Preschool Administrator, please check out our free 
Preschool In-service offerings that can help your staff identify needs 
and support struggling children in your classrooms.

Preschool In-service (sensory processing and related motor development)
Preschool In-service (fine motor development)